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Replacement Payslips - The Essential Guide


It is very easy to find you have lost payslips just when you needed them. Or you could be one of the many thousands of employees that now only get new electronic payslips by email. If this is you, the first thing we would suggest, and the cheapest, is contact your employer and ask them for paper copy payslips, or to write you a statement of earnings on company headed paper signed by owner or director.


If this option is not available, we can produce replacement payslips very quickly, providing you have some basic information to workout your pay calculations. Unfortunately we don’t have access to your pay records and can not contact your employer due to data protection laws. But if you can tell us your pay dates, the amount you received in wages, details of bonus, overtime, etc, we can work out what the payslips would have shown and reprint them on real payslips for you.


All our replacement payslip documents are printed on genuine stationery. These are the most popular pay documents and used widely by industry professionals running company payroll.


The standard style payslip provides all your basic pay information, including tax and national insurance deductions as well as all the year to date figures. Hundreds of thousands of businesses issue this style to their staff each month.


The Plus style payslip covers all the same pay information with extra space to include your home address. This is also a very popular payslip which is often used where the payslips are sent to the employees home direct from a central office.


Prime replacement payslips show full company and home address, and are a heavier 120gsm weight paper.


The Premium Security payslip provides all of the above information but comes as a self seal card mailer, where you have to tear the perforations to open the payslip revealing the information below.


Whichever payslip you choose you can be confident that you are getting a high quality document that has been carefully recreated by specialist payroll personnel.


Pay slip orders placed after 4pm on a Friday are processed Monday. However, if any of the team are working late or over the weekend, we will usually send across email copies. We process orders strictly in the order which they are received and we clear all work before we leave the office each day.


As long as you can tell us the dates you on which you where paid and the pay amounts, we can calculate how much you earned and create your pay slips, even if issued years ago. Unfortunately we can not verify your details with the employer or tax office, but as long as you have told us the right pay amount, then all the pay calculations will be correct and as would be printed as your originals. They are printed on professional Sage payslip stationery and will look as good as the day they were issued.



Simple Ordering Process Takes Just A Few Moments

Ordering is quick and simple. Just select the items you need and on checkout you can enter your pay details. If your employer gave you an email you can simply forward to us, but if you don't have one we only need some simple information, and we can calculate all the Tax & NI deductions.


If there are some things you're not sure of, we can usually work it out as long as you know how much you get paid. Anything extra you want us to know can be added at the end. So if your pay amount is different each time, or you got a bonus, or have other deductions, just tell us here.


Genuine Payslip Documents & HMRC Forms

We laser print onto stationery from Prime, Sage & HMRC in a choice of popular payroll formats. As long as we receive the order before 4 pm it is guaranteed to be posted Royal Mail First Class post the same day. We also send you a PDF document showing exactly what the finished items will look like.


Low Prices and Money Back Guarantee

Payslips cost from just £5.00 and Year End P60 forms £30.00 with free first class shipping. We back all our orders with a great Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, in the unlikely event that you're not happy you can get a full refund.



Choice of Popular Payslip Styles

We supply replacement wage slips on Prime or Sage stationery in a choice of styles, including a self seal security mailer. It is personal preference but our guidelines would be that if you want to include employee address use Prime , Sage Plus, or Security style. If you do not want to show the employee address choose Sage Standard.


Company address works better with Prime & Sage Standard styles but can be accommodated on others if quite short.


All payslip replacements show full salary calculations such as basic, bonus, commission and overtime, together with deductions for income tax, national insurance, pension or student loan.






1 x Payslip      (£10.00)

2 x Payslips    (£19.00)

3 x Payslips    (£25.00)

4 x Payslips    (£30.00)

Extra payslips just £1.00 each


P60 Documents - £30.00 each

Years: 2007 to 2017


No other hidden costs or fees.

50% Discount for email only PDF orders without shipping.




Common Replacement Payslip Questions


Which Style Should I Choose? - You could go for which most closely matches what your employer used in the past. If you don't know then I would suggest the Sage Standard style or Prime Style, both are very popular.


Are the Payslips Genuine? - We supply only the highest quality pay documents as used widely in the payroll industry. We supply to hundreds of companies that outsource their weekly and monthly pay runs to us. To see what they will look like click any of the images in the side bar right of page, which will open a large sample payslip.


Can I Just Get a Scanned Payslip? - If you want an electronic PDF only, you can get a 50% discount on checkout. If you need us to Print the document first then scan it to send across, we can do that too. However we post them out free so you might as well have them. Most organisations need to see the printed copy, or you might need this in the future.


Will You Check Details With My Employer or HMRC? - No we cant do that. We rely on the information you provide to calculate your payslips. As long as your information is accurate everything will be calculated correctly. We use standard government formulas for the deduction of allowances, pensions, tax, national insurance, etc. As long as you can tell us how much salary you received we can work out correctly what your payslip would show.


Will It Be Accepted as Proof of Income? - There is no reason why they would not. They are exactly as payslips provided by your employer. In all our years providing this service we have never had a customer tell us they had a problem.


What Information Do I Need? - In addition to your name, address, company, etc. We would need your national insurance number, dates of payslips, start work date, tax code (if not std tax), and either the amount you are paid either before or after tax. We can work out correct details from that. Also any special deductions or allowances.


How Long Will It Take? - Ordering items takes less than 5 minutes. Then then process your order in about 15 minutes. We say an hour but that is just to cover busy times, we're mostly much quicker. You will receive notification of despatch with your PDF electronic copies, and then post the same day. Usually they arrive the following day.


I Need a Custom Designed Payslip - We only provide what you see on our web site which are the most popular payslip styles in use in the UK. It is very time consuming to create custom designs and layouts. We can’t do that and suggest you just contact your payroll department for a copy pay slip.


I Have More Than One Job, Does This Matter? - If this is a secondary job you would not have the same allowances for tax / national insurance. You would normally have a ‘BR’ tax code if a basic rate taxpayer, or a D0 code if you pay a higher rate of tax.


I Was Receiving Sick Pay Could You Show That on my Payslips? - Yes. We can calculate sick pay, maternity pay, student loan, etc. There is an extra comments box on our checkout where you can add any extra details you need on the payslips.


Can You Send Overseas? - Yes. We regularly post to many countries although they do take a little longer to arrive.


I Get Paid in a Different Currency, Does That Matter? - Yes. We only calculate payroll based on UK tax rules and in GBP Sterling.


Do Payslips Say They Are Replacements or Duplicates? - No. If you want us to add that information let us know when ordering and we can add to the bottom of the forms.


Can I Get Fake Payslips? - If you mean provide false information, we advise that you don't. We cant check your information and payslips will be calculated correctly. However if using for proof of income or that you have a job, you will need supporting information such as bank statements and probably an employer check, so are wasting your time and may get in serious trouble.








Payslip Styles

Image of the Standard Style Replacement Payslip Image of the Sage A1 Style Replacement Payslip Image of the Sage A2 Style Replacement Payslip Image of the Standard A3 Style Replacement Payslip Image of a Prime Replacement Payslip in Blue Small Image of a Prime Replacement Payslip in Orange Image of a Prime Replacement Payslip in Green Small image of a Plus Style Replacement Payslip in Blue

SECURITY Payslips Style

Image of a Security Style Replacement Payslip Sealed Closed.

P60 Landscape Style

Image of Replacement P60 in landscape style layout

P60 Portrait Styles

Image of a Replacement P60 Portrait Style in Orange Image of a Replacement P60 Portrait Style in Blue Image of a Replacement P60 Mailer Style


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