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Replacement P60 Essential Information


Many employers provide email payroll summaries instead of traditional HMRC P60 Forms, which may cause problems if you need a printed copy for administration purposes such as a loan, mortgage or proof of income.


From the 2010-11 tax year onwards, a P60 could be provided either printed or electronically. Before sending you an electronic version, your employer had to contact you to confirm you agree to receive your P60 this way. They had to ensure that you had access to secure facilities to view and print a copy. Where this is not possible you could agree an email address with the employer that the P60 could be sent to.


We supply your P60 on genuine payroll stationery then send them to you by post. We post up until 5pm in the evening and are here processing orders Mon - Fri, 8.00 - 16.30   Using our replacement P60 service you can be confident that you are getting a high quality document that has been carefully recreated by specialist payroll personnel.


HMRC P60 End of Year Certificate

This is an HMRC form issued by your employer for the payroll tax year which runs from Apr 6th to Apr 5th the following year. Your P60 is a summary document showing your years earnings together with deductions for Income Tax & National Insurance, Student Loan, etc. Prior to 2011 only Printed P60 Documents could be issued, but this rule was been relaxed so that employers can email just an electronic version.


There are a number of different P60 styles in either Landscape or Portrait format. All approved by HMRC and contain the same basic information. It largely depends which software the document was created with i.e. Sage, IRIS, Quickbooks, etc.



Why Might I Need A Replacement P60?

At the end of every tax year (April 5th) your employer is required to issue your P60. They need to do this by the end of May. It can be a printed document, or more commonly now an electronic version, either via email or that you download.


 The P60 is the total of pay and the tax that’s been deducted from you in the tax year, and you should keep it safe, as you may need it for any of the following:


  • Complete a Self Assessment tax return, if this applies to you.
  • Claim back any Income Tax or National Insurance contributions you may have overpaid.
  • Apply for tax credits.
  • As proof of income for a loan, mortgage or immigration purposes.
  • If you lose your P60 you can ask your employer for a replacement, although they are under no obligation to do this. Typically employers do not hang on to the printed forms from year to year as new stationery is required each time, printed with the pay year i.e 2016-2017.


The employer may only be able to provide your replacement P60 electronically or as a plain paper printout.


Our Advice: The most cost effective method is to contact your employer first to see if they can help. If they can’t or you need it quickly, we keep copy forms for each year and can reprint your P60 for you. As long as you know how much you were paid and your tax code, we can work it out correctly.


Most people keep records of their monthly payslips and P60 for years and years. Some have pay and tax documents covering their complete working lives. It is important to keep these safe should you ever need to prove your income or resolve any issues with your tax affairs.


We are only too aware that problems do occur. We have many customers using our service that have lost payslips or have been damaged, destroyed and they need a copy quickly. Popular reasons include:


  • I moved house and lost my pay documents.
  • My wife / husband threw them out by mistake.
  • I have them somewhere but don’t have the time to dig through mountains of paper.
  • I left them in my pocket when washed and my payslip is now illegible.
  • I kept scanned copies instead but my computer crashed and I lost the data.
  • My previous employer has ceased trading and I can’t get in touch.



It is very easy to find you have lost the P60 just when you needed it. If so, the first thing I would suggest and probably the cheapest is to contact your employer and ask them to write you a statement of earnings on headed paper signed by owner / company director. If this option is not available to you, we can produce a replacement P60 very quickly, providing you have some information to workout your pay calculations from. We don’t have access to your pay records and can not contact your employer due to data protection laws. But, if you can tell us your pay dates, the amount you received in wages, details of bonus, overtime, etc, we can work out what the payslips would have shown and reprint them for you.




Image of a Replacement P60 in Landscape Format for 2017


1 x Payslip      (£10.00)

2 x Payslips    (£19.00)

3 x Payslips    (£25.00)

4 x Payslips    (£30.00)

Extra payslips just £1.00 each


P60 Documents - £30.00 each

Years: 2007 to 2017


No other hidden costs or fees.

50% Discount for email only PDF orders without shipping.




P60 Certificate Questions & Answers


I’m Confused, Which P60 Style do I Need? - It doesn’t really matter. All our P60s are popular formats approved by HMRC and created by the Payroll Software developers. Choose whichever most closely matches what you would normally receive. The Orange Portrait style or Blue Landscape format are most popular.


Will it be Marked as a Replacement or Duplicate P60? - No. There is no requirement unless you ask us to do that.


Can You Get Details from HMRC or Employer if I Give Permission? - Unfortunately not. Data protection issues prevent this, but it is not a big problem as long as you know your pay amounts, we can correctly calculate your deductions.


How Quickly Can I Get One? - We process your under in less than an hour (often only 5 or 10 minutes). We will send you an email copy once complete. We then send out on the next post via Royal Mail and they usually arrive the following day.


I Have More Than One Job, How Many Do I Need? - You would receive a P60 from each employer that you work for in the pay year to Apr 5th. So if you had a part time job in a bar working evenings, or switched jobs during the year, you would have one from each. Even if you left employment at the end of April the previous year, you would expect a P60 from your old employer.


Do I Need Printed Forms if Applying for a Mortgage? - Not necessarily, Banks, Building Societies & Loan Companies are gradually realising that many people now receive pay notifications electronically.


Does my Employer Have to Give me a P60?

Yes your employer is legally obliged to provide you with a summary of your years earnings. However, they no longer are required to produce a printed version. Since 2011 they have been permitted to provide electronic P60 summaries.


What if I Lost My P60?

You could ask your employer to produce a P60 copy, or a statement of earnings on company letterhead paper, signed by a director. This is probably the best method as it should be free. However, it may not be an option for everyone, the company may no longer be trading, or you may have changed employers. If so, as long as you know pay amounts we can re-create your actual document.


Why do I Need to Keep the P60?

This is your proof of employment earnings and deductions during the tax year detailed. You will need it if you pay too much tax and need to claim a refund. When making a loan or mortgage application many lenders will ask to see a copy as proof of earnings, along with your other documentation.


Can I Get a P60 from Previous Years?

We keep records of all the information from past years required to accurately calculate the correct information. The problem lies with the availability of the forms as each year has it's own printed forms. We currently have documents back to 2008 but no further back.



Information Required to Order a Replacement P60


Even without your original document, creating the replacement P60 is quite easy with the right information, most of which can be taken from a payslip. The key items are the pay amount either before or after deductions, whether you had a non standard tax code, and if you worked the full year. With that information the deductions for tax and national insurance contributions can be calculated. The information can be transferred directly from email copies or entered on screen when placing an order. Below is what you need to know.


Employee Name: This should be written in full, including middle names.


Home Address: Full employee home address at the time the P60 was issued.


NI (National Insurance) Number: This would normally be shown on all documents. You can get this from any payslip, older P60 or tax notification from HMRC.


Tax Code: This is required on all documents. If you don't know, it is very likely the standard tax code. If you had paid too little or too much tax in the past you may have a special code assigned by HMRC. If this is a second job and your tax allowance is used up by your main employment your code will likely be 'BR' or possibly 'D0' if you pay higher rate.


Job Start Date: The new pay year starts every April 6th. Year to date figures are calculated from this point. If you started work after the start date, you need to provide that so it can be calculated correctly. If you were working for the employer before April 6th, the start date is not required.


Company Name: Essential for all documents. If a limited company show that. If working for a private individual show that.


Company Address: This will be the place of work or head office if working for a larger organisation.


Work ID: Sometimes known as Payroll Number, Employee ID, or other. This is optional as not every company uses one.


Pay Period: Are you paid Weekly, every Two Weeks, Four Weeks, Monthly or have other arrangements.


Pay Amount: The yearly salary or the amount paid each week, month, etc. From the pay amount and tax code all the deductions can be calculated.


Gender: No longer required from 2017 but older P60 documents need to show if the employee is Male or Female.


PAYE Ref: This is the reference number your company uses to identify with HMRC. You can find this on any other P60. If not sure you could ask your employer or another member of staff to look it up from their documents.


Extra: Any information such as Student Loan deduction, Sick or Maternity Pay.








P60 Landscape Style

Image of Replacement P60 in landscape style layout

P60 Portrait Styles

Image of a Replacement P60 Portrait Style in Orange Image of a Replacement P60 Portrait Style in Blue Image of a Replacement P60 Mailer Style

Payslip Styles

Image of the Standard Style Replacement Payslip Image of the Sage A1 Style Replacement Payslip Image of the Sage A2 Style Replacement Payslip Image of the Standard A3 Style Replacement Payslip Image of a Prime Replacement Payslip in Blue Small Image of a Prime Replacement Payslip in Orange Image of a Prime Replacement Payslip in Green Small image of a Plus Style Replacement Payslip in Blue

Security Payslips Style

Image of a Security Style Replacement Payslip Sealed Closed.


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Image of a Replacement P60 in Landscape Format for 2017
Image of a Replacement P60 in Landscape Format for 2017
Image of a Replacement P60 in Landscape Format for 2017